The Mandala. Island
Gili Gede, Indonesia (2026)

The Mandala. Island will deliver forward-thinking hospitality that intelligently shares stories of the past, preserves what’s best about then and now, and looks wide-eyed to the horizon. This stunning resort from the Mandala Group, complete with residences so you can own your own property in this paradise just off Bali, will think with imagination and optimism about how we can work together to create a better future – starting with a more conscious approach to our time off.

The ‘Mandala Module’ system is a world-first approach to ensure minimum impact to natural flora and fauna on the Gili Gede, Indonesia, site. This intelligent, sustainably minded approach addresses the dramatic but challenging terrain of the site, while guaranteeing the highest levels of structural integrity at both The Mandala. Island’s resort and private residential properties.

By invitation only, own one of 30 of The Mandala. Island’s most exclusive resort residences. Designed by Unscripted, responsible for 2 of International Luxury Travel Market’s (ITLM’s) 10 “best resorts of the decade”, and curated by Mandala, these will be second homes like no other.

Each property on this island off Bali will sit on a plot between 4,000 and 9,000 sqm in size and geometrically spaced around a pattern of grids, courtyards and sacred corridors, the residences will be amongst the best in the world. Modernist, tropical, Brutalist, refined, artisanal, luxurious… so many words seem fitting, but one word says it all: Unparalleled.

Own a residence

With only 52 villas and suites, The Mandala. Island resort will offer guests unrivalled accommodation for hotel guests visiting the island. All rooms will be finished using the highest grade materials, and fittings all sustainably sourced and installed by artisans.

Each guest will be pampered beyond the norm. All whims will be catered for and every detail considered.

Own a suite

The Mandala. Island is located on Gili Gede; an emerald isle in an under-the-radar archipelago that sits off Lombok’s shores, surrounded by turquoise seas. Breathtaking views take in prehistoric and tropical drama with Mount Agung northwards and Mount Rinjani eastwards, with these majestic silhouettes competing for attention.