The six pillars of Mandala Group’s philosophy inform everything we do...



It's all about our people

If we were to be defined as one thing, it would be undeniably human… full of heart and soul, and fuelled by a passion for playfulness and pleasure.

Cultivating meaningful connections, and a spirit of kinship will always be our modus operandi. We are delighted when members and guests unplug their devices, begin to unwind, and discover the analogue appeal of stimulating and restorative spaces and places.


Forward‑thinking design,
age‑old craftsmanship

With a reverence for timeless beauty and a respect for inspiring architecture, we host our members and guests in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Across The Group, we host the presentation, performance, execution, and exhibition of all art forms, old and new, local and international for the education, entertainment, edification and enlightenment of our community.

With our emphasis on lo‑fi engagement and the allure of the analogue, you could say we are champions of HI (human imagination) in an increasingly AI world where nostalgia is precious.



Unplugged connection

We’re a human‑spirited brand with serious heart and soul, and cultivating contentment through meaningful connections is our MO. Unplug your devices and discover the analogue appeal of spaces and places that encourage you to connect and reconnect with those who matter. We’re doing away with airs, graces and pretentiousness – today’s discerning travellers seek egalitarian service and enriching exchanges.

As curious as our customers, we’re all looking to engage better with each other, family, friends, and beyond, forging meaningful connections within the Mandala Community itself.


Epicurean‑led hospitality

Unrivalled eating and drinking experiences thanks to our experience as one of the region’s most successful F&B groups. Rare collaborations with global leaders in food and drink extend to luxury Champagne houses, residencies from world‑renowned chefs. Immersive, extraordinary and nourishing, our drinking, dining and out‑there culinary experiments speak to all the senses and let you engage with chefs personally.



Intelligent, holistic,
all‑sensory wellness

Simplicity and spiritual meaning over stuff – that’s our ethos. From wellbeing programmes, beauty‑boosting rituals, visiting shamans and in-house healers to guest‑chef experiences, workshops and skill‑sharing initiatives, our bespoke programming is a cut above the norm. As well as providing a sprawling spa sanctuary within a sanctuary, with next‑level fitness facilities and a temazcal sweat lodge. We curate experiential journeys that stretch beyond sun beds, sand and sleep. Leave the bustle and bleeps of urban living behind and embrace instant serenity.


Witty, thought‑provoking
and pleasingly playful in
look, feel and flavour

Personality emanates from every touch point. We provide all you need, nothing you don’t, plenty you weren’t expecting. Our soul‑stimulating, life‑enhancing approach ensures meaningful memories that make you smile: now and in the future. These are places where playfulness and mood‑lifting ambiences win out over materialism or gimmicks.

Artistic integrity is key to Mandala's philosophy, but of course, we appreciate wit and irreverence, and we aim to amuse, and dare we say, show a sense of humour in our design, service and experiences. Lovers of culture and conversation, always, but we never take ourselves too seriously – ever young at heart, uplifting and enlightening – expect the unexpected.