Design-driven, future-minded hospitality and real estate.

Mandala is a collective of entrepreneurial visionaries crafting next-gen luxury hospitality and property development.

We aim to excel in design, architecture, food and service – with an emphasis on equality, not subservience. We balance head with heart, and brains with a playful spirit. We tread with a light foot and we challenge the status quo. We go beyond to surprise and delight everyone we touch.

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To redefine the full potential of extraordinary hospitality and lifestyle, without compromise.

We aspire to creative excellence in everything we do, and we nurture this in everyone we work with.

At Mandala, we are crafting a new way of living, being, playing, disconnecting and reconnecting – through the integrity of our people and the creativity we nurture in them; through the design-driven, taste-making places we create; and through our intention to do business with purpose, integrity, and wholehearted respect for this planet we call home.

To conceive, create and share extraordinary hospitality and lifestyle experiences for our patrons, our investors, our team and our planet.

It’s our mission to redefine luxury hotels, resorts, developments and membership clubs in the most beautiful places on earth, with absolute respect for purpose and place. We do this with creative excellence, phenomenal design, and a sustainable outlook.


Our values

Our people make the difference.

What gives us our competitive advantage is our team. We know that first and foremost, our people need to love what we do – only then can our patrons and investors love our company. At every layer of our organisation, we understand and are aligned with Mandala’s vision and mission.

Every member of our team has room to grow; there’s no ceiling on what they can do. We nurture their talent, and we grow the leaders of the future in our expanding Group.

Entrepreneurial spirit is alive at Mandala.

We are a collective of entrepreneurial visionaries, and it’s been that way since Day 1. We embrace and embody responsibility, accountability and ownership at every level of our organisation. We celebrate success, and we believe in failing small, failing often, and learning always.

Cut us open, and we bleed creativity.

We are tastemakers, dreaming big and making our ideas a reality. We believe creativity can come from anyone, anywhere at any time. That’s why we foster an open culture at Mandala.

We collaborate, partner and nurture world-class creative minds in design, architecture, and the culinary field, embracing their talent to deliver commercial successful investment properties, resorts, villas, ski chalets, restaurants and membership clubs in Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Niseko and Singapore.

We tread with a light foot.

We respect the planet we call home, knowing that we ourselves are mere tenants of this earth. We are deeply proud of our attention to sustainable and responsible business wherever we venture – whether that’s Bali, Niseko or beyond; and whether that’s an investment property or a clifftop beach club.

It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the only way to go. Our people can be proud of everything we do, our environment endures no unnecessary harm, and this translates commercially to a compelling proposition throughout our customer touchpoints.

Integrity. Or else.

We go beyond what’s required. We pay attention to details others overlook and embed industry-leading operational standards.

Knowing that a reputation can be lost in an instant – far quicker than it’s earned – we have a zero-tolerance policy in all aspects of our business, including compliance and corporate behaviour.

Our team

Ben Jones

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben’s background is in banking, but he has a lifelong passion for design, food, music and travel – and this is what led to the creation of the first hospitality operating business in the Mandala family of businesses in 2013.

As CEO, Ben drives planning, development, design and the overall direction of the business and brands.


Adam Murray

Co-Founder and CIO

Adam’s entrepreneurial flair emerged at the young age of 19 when he founded the UK’s leading student website in 1999. He stayed in the digital space until 2007, when he sold the Ad Network group and moved to Hong Kong, where he met Ben.

Together they started investing in emerging market beachfront land and the hospitality space, with the inception of their first hospitality business in 2013.

As CIO, Adam drives business development, capital raising and structuring, as well as the integration of the Mandala Group’s portfolio.


Drew Mills


Drew spearheads brand strategy and development in the Group. He has 15 years of marketing experience representing some of the world’s most iconic businesses and brands in London, Hong Kong and across APAC.

Drew previously worked as Marketing Director at Moët Hennessy Diageo, a division of LVMH, overseeing the world’s largest whiskey portfolio in Hong Kong and Macau. Prior to that, he was the Brand Director of Guinness for Diageo.


Adam Clayton


As an experienced CFO and former investment banker, Adam manages and controls the Mandala Group’s finances and financial endeavours.

He has an impressive history in managing businesses and generating value for private equity funds. Adam has strong expertise in corporate structuring, local compliance and tax efficiency for multinationals with an APAC focus.

He also founded and sold Singapore’s largest outdoor fitness business UFIT Bootcamps.


Marco Vlasman

CCO (Indonesia)

Marco has honed his skills in corporate finance over a 27-year career spent in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. He held executive roles at confectionery company Perfetti Van Melle and tire brand Goodyear before joining Mandala Group as CCO for Indonesia. Now Marco oversees our Mandala businesses in Bali and beyond, keeping his eagle eye on our property investments, hotels, resorts, beach clubs and restaurants.